Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government Employees / VA and FHA ... We are still closing loans ...

Government Shutdown and its impact to Loan Originations

The government shutdown has adversely affected two areas of mortgage originations across the industry.  Tax transcripts are not available for any borrowers and in many cases, it isn't possible to obtain a verbal verification of employment for government employees.

1st Portfolio Lending’s Solution

While we wait for the political stalemate to end, we recognize the adverse effect not being able to obtain tax transcripts and verbal VOEs could have on our borrowers.  Fortunately, 1st Portfolio is doing business as usual and will hold the loan until the Government gets back to work.  

For Conforming, FHA, and VA loans eligible for sale to 1st Portfolio, we will accept one year’s tax returns in lieu of transcripts, if our receipt of transcripts is delayed due to the shutdown.  We still will rely upon transcripts if they are available.  For Verbal Verification Of Employment, all attempts will be made to obtain them for government employees, but if we are unable to confirm employment due to the shutdown, we will not delay or cancel settlement.

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